The Cavalier County Museum, at Dresden, features artifacts of a by-gone era, displayed in the buildings that make up the museum complex. Local businesses and citizens have contributed a variety of treasured items so future generations can explore their heritage at the Cavalier County Museum.
Admission to the museum is free will donation.

Points of Interest:Holy Trinity Church Dresden

Holy Trinity Church – Constructed in 1936 of fieldstone from the surrounding area, it features original stained glass windows and houses artifacts from the surrounding area and fossils from Pembina Gorge.

DeVold Building – Arranged like Main Street of a pioneer village, it includes Langdon’s first jail, a blacksmith shop, altar and pulpit, doctor and dentist office, household items and a military display.

Memorial Quonset – Added in 1993, it houses a log cabin, cook car, antique machinery and early modes of transportation.

Schoolhouse – This authentic one-room country school – known as the Dyer school – was first used in Milton and moved to the museum in One room school house1975.

Cook Car – Used to prepare meals for threshing crews. The license plate required to move from farm to farm was signed by President Herbert Hoover.

Log Cabin – Constructed in 1885 and donated by the Alvin Peterson family.

Library – South Dresden #3 school was moved onto the site in 1982 and now serves as a records center.

Caboose – Donated by Burlington Northern in 1985, it stands as a reminder of the important role railroads played in settling the prairies.

Hahn Home – Build in 1920, the home was occupied by the Hahn family – pioneers of Dresden – after 1930. The Historical Society acquired Hahn Homethe historic home in 2008.

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