Welcome to Cavalier County-Museum at Dresden

The Holy Trinity Church at Dresden replaced two previous wooden structures that were destroyed by fire. The present structure was erected in 1936, built out of field stone collected by the local parishioners. Standing the test of time and North Dakota weather, the stone structure served as a Catholic Parish until 1969 when the building was designated as a museum for the Cavalier County Historical Society. As the current cornerstone of the Cavalier County-Museum at Dresden it features many local artifacts and is part of a seven building museum complex.

The Cavalier County Historical Society keeps history alive with social events, continual curation of new artifacts and the recent addition of the Hahn Home. The Hahn Home is a period home that has been opened to the public and truly gives the visitor a glimpse into life in Dresden North Dakota from years gone by.

If you are interested in the history of the Holy Trinity Church please visit the History tab of this website. Be sure to check back often. We plan on adding more history and information to the site. You can also visit us on Facebook for area history links and stories as well as updates on Museum events.


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